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Selling their property is not easy emotionally for owners even under “normal” circumstances. When it comes to a property inherited after the death of a loved one or the previously shared home after a divorce or separation, the emotional pressure increases even more. We,Certified Estate Brokers (EBZ) understand and respect these special circumstances and empathetically assist you in making decisions about what can and should happen to the inheritance property or divorce property.

Selling inherited real estate

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  • Selling an inherited property is a difficult and complex area of the real estate industry. To ensure that all details are taken care of, that everything runs smoothly and that the inherited property is not a burden in the end, you should use specially trained real estate agents
  • Opening of wills, certificate of inheritance, community of heirs, inheritance tax – these are just a few aspects that real estate heirs have to deal with. However, the local court and the tax office do not take feelings into account and contact the surviving dependents very quickly, so that there is often no time for mourning.
  • Should I accept or reject the real estate inheritance? What is the position of co-heirs, if any? Is self-use an option? Is renting or selling possibly the better solution? We
  • help you through this time and the decision-making process with our many years of experience, our expertise and the necessary sensitivity, and support you in implementing the right solution for you.
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Your divorce also involves

a house or apartment?

  • Feelings are also usually involved in a divorce or separation – regardless of whether the separation was amicable or not. After all, one of the issues is deciding what to do with the home they have shared for years.
  • At least one of the two partners needs new housing and both are suddenly partially or completely on their own financially.
  • Divorce proceedings, separation year, division of assets, equalization of gains – our advisors know the complex processes for divorce real estate. We are your compassionate yet neutral resource when it comes to identifying and weighing all options. Use our expertise and services for your new start.

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